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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 18, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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penguin days which goes until march. >> you can see the entire video. it's packed with penguins. you probably could have guessed that. share it with your friends. it's on our website, the list >> thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. the weird customers. a cabbie tries to reason with a grumpy required. >> he seems to want to have an argument with somebody. >> why bad language isn't the worst thing coming out of his mouth. a paraglider takes flight, then -- >> you see clippers behind his head. >> the crazy story behind one extreme haircut. explorers inside an old mental hospital spot something staring at them. >> i don't call that a goose. i call that a rat. >> you can see the video and decide for yourself.
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cub cross the road. and a mom playing with the kids on snow day. why the kids definitely have the upper hand. the great thing about driving a cab, he never know who is going to get in. >> and the worst thing is you never know who's going to get in. chris is a freelance cabdriver, she's been doing it for about seven years. >> it seems to start so well, the guy comes into the front passenger side, they're joking. >> they're all part of the same group. >> yes, they're all there together. they've got the backdoor open because there's one more to go. but it's raining so chris he's simply request, can he close the door. >> we're the customers.
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unsufferable straight off the bat. >> excuse me? >> you can get out. >> yeah, bye. >> funny enough, that's the exact response chris had. >> i've got a funeral today. >> everybody has been through a lot today. >> he just seems to want to have an argument with somebody. by this point, chris is just over it, get out. >> can i ask you to leave my car, please. >> bereavement doesn't give you a license to be rude. >> it also doesn't give you a license to be disgusting. >> oh, no, he did not! >> that is the worst thing you can do. that's something you can legally get in serious trouble for. >> this is why the video is getting a lot of attention. you can see the shock on her
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and she did report it, reported it to the police. >> chris had to take the next a couple of days off, she was so shaken up by the experience. >> that is so disrespectful. >> this guy was just spoiling for some sort of fight and crossed all kinds of lines. this is a paragliding trip unlike any you've seen before. alexander osloff is pretty good at the sport. behind him is someone else who wanted to come along for the ride with a special skill of his own. while alexander is flying, you see clippers just behind his head. the guy behind him starts shaving his head with the clippers. the guy hidden him is, yes, a
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the world and pay his way through these travels by giving haircuts wherever he went. in this case he did a trade with alexander, i'll cut your hair if you take me paragliding. alexander said, why don't we do it at the same time. >> does he only know one style? >> is he just shaving his head or giving an actual haircut? >> he wanted a cut which basically leaves one thatch of hair at the top of the head. >> the other side of that is the hair. >> all haircuts should be done
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the person in this car is driving along. it seems like they're going the right speed. there are no lines on the freeway. >> it's like a snow motion accident. >> good news in that situation, there was no heavy impact. i think they were going at a slow enough speed, so maybe just a habitual line crosser. >> in this video out of anchorage, alaska, again, we're just riding along. >> look out! >> it looks like a disney land ride, it just keeps going. i wish i could say it stops, but it heads into oncoming traffic. >> he went clear across the median, and i'm shocked he
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>> incredible. that could have been so much worse for everyone. >> did you see the driver, though? we never usually see the driver. "what did i just see?" >> the passenger had the presence of mind to grab the dash cam and turn it to the left. >> i bet they were happy not to be in an accident. >> wow. we've seen many incidents on the show where people have to go to involved in traffic accidents because they cause traffic jams. people fighting in the middle of the road. this time, not people. 2:00 a.m. head to head on the roadway. this is on the way to a resort town on the beach. but you can't get there because these two guys want to have it
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finally he's like, we had good video, let's move it along. white lions are rarely seen. the game preserve where this video was shot is known to have them. somebody good video of a lioness closing the roadway with a rare white lion cub in her mouth. >> what's cool is that after the mom carries it across the road, you do see the white lion cub and another cub in the grasses. and that little lion cub has something to say. >> what was that you said? >> these people in the area where the cougar national park borders the timbavadi game preserve, these people just happened to spot it. >> the last time i saw was a
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anybody? be afraid. be very afraid. >> this is footage from a high school where you can see the janitor's cart. >> the frightening moment caught on camera. >> i don't play games with that. and comedian dugug oug standhope. see what he smuggles onto the ship. "right this minute" is brought to you by alka seltzer plus cold and cough. sinus congestion and cough liquid gels to your tough symptoms. to put you back in control. [doorbell] woman: coming! alka-seltzer plus sinus. it' s olive garden' s new take on lighter italian fare. inspired dishes. savory shrimp scampi saute ed in a mouthwatering garlic sauce. and flavorful new! chicken piccata. all under 575 calories.
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many prescriptions act dry mouth mouthwash and toothpaste relieve with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath. and dry mouth relief. i'm starting to worry this could be a job for mulder and scully. it's proof of ghosts. >> we start with footage from a high school, where you can see the janitor's cart. there's nobody near it. >> when suddenly -- >> oh, no, the janitor's cart that has wheels on it moved? >> i normally fall for ghost
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>> it sounds like high school tech students turning the cart into a mobile controlled cart. >> nobody entered the room before being recorded. it's true. it's proof. we'll head over to the westborough state hospital. >> i've been in one of those before. >> that explains a lot about you. >> it's been abandoned since 2010. this guy calls himself an urban explorer, exploring the urban environment. >> did you see it? >> are you serious? >> the the two dots in the distance, like they're supposed to be eyeballs. >> i don't call that a ghost. i call it a rat. or cat or raccoon or anything
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likely will be living in the building. >> we'll put the photos on our facebook page and you guys let us know your opinion. aside from the questionable fashion choices, do you notice anything unusual about doug stanhope, the comedian? >> he's wearing a couple of compression documents to slim him down a bit. >> those aren't man boobs, those are whiskey and a rusty nail mixture. >> what else does he have in there? >> 64 ounces of vodka.
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>> that's not really a beer gut. >> that's gin. >> now for the flash in the socks. >> if you want to say doug has a drinking problem, i disagree. i think doug's got a drinking solution. >> let's go back and see him all dressed up, there he is. does he look good? doug, you look grade. if you're not familiar with doug stanhope, he's a comedian who does lots of different stuff on television. >> he is on tour, go check him out. >> on the hips, look at in the middle, 16 more man boobs. that's a lot of ounces. i want you ladies to close your eyes and tell me what is making this noise.
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>> no. a person trying to be something else. >> you guessed it, that would be a dad teller pterodactyl, that's what he calls himself. this time i have a real animal. the family cat. his name is max. max, i have to say, is the world's most tolerant kitty. the baby, she loves this cat so much, she wants to eat it. >> yuck. >> aww. >> i love when little kids have such love for animals. love. this moment caught on video betsy.
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something on video that most parents don't get the camera out fast enough for. these are harper's first steps. >> she got it. not looking. >> the problem is that now that harper is walking, you know what do? >> rerest. a b.a.s.e. jump that's a leap of faith, next "right this minute." and still to come, these guys want to make this museum even more awkward. the priceless reactions from strangers. plus canadian pro skier sean pettitte is at it again.
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itch relief. scratch relief. winter relief. that's gold bond medicated lotion relief. five moisturizers plus an extra strength itch fighter. gold bond . relief starts now. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. all right, everybody. thinks are about to get awkward. >> we all picked a set of ridiculous things out of a hat we'll have to say to strangers while pretending to work at a museum. >> they always said they wanted to work at a museum but that requires getting a job and stuff. instead, they were given cards
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they were terrified, awkward, and video gold. one guy has to say "burrito" four times. >> i've been looking at this for five minutes, it's a mishmash. it's like a flash like burrito, burrito, burrito, burrito. i'm sorry. i must be crazy to keep saying burrito. >> time to go get some lunch there, buddy. this guy claims that the artist stole his idea. >> i actually made this pointing. i stole the idea. i know it says 1949, but i have a painting that looks exactly like this one. >> you think he copied it after you? >> yes. something. >> this is my favorite one where
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meditate with him. >> did anybody lean into one of these guys and say, do you have any more of that stuff? snoring copy machine? could use some caffeine. >> commonly, when you see a helicopter in a snowy mountain setting like this, they're either taking somebody to the hospital or somebody is going skiing. in this case, somebody is going skiing. sean pettitte, as a matter of fact, a canadian pro skier, 23 years old, has skied as a pro the majority of his life. this featurette is incredible,
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just watch sean go. >> wow. huge, huge air off the top of this mountain, just stomping his landing as well. the jump seemed to be as large as the mountain. film? >> no, this is basically his part of that film. it's awesome. watch the speed he carries through this small shoot, he comes whipping by like an alpine skier. >> you get sweaty palms just looking at it. >> i think some of my most favorite part of this film are when he skis through the trees. he's using the tree trunks, i don't know how you do that and not get tangled up in the tree. it's so cool to watch him work. >> i have a hard time still
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and this guy is using a tree. >> look at that. skidding across the top of that tree. >> this is just sean's section mastery."
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muscle memory and figured out everything you need to do, and did it. boxer puppy is amazed. first powder can only mean one thing. >> snowball fight. these little boys are outside, having a snowball fight. they're mom is recording.
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>> and it's good conditions too because when it's too dry it's not good. perfect packing snow. >> you can hear mom say -- i think she's going to regret that. >> there's one, so cute. >> not the face, kids, not the face. >> here we go. >> you said you won't get in trouble if you hit me, so there you go. this fellow is about to get it. >> ow. is he dead? >> no, but i felt like he was going to be paralyzed but he sits right up. >> i didn't see what he was trying to do. >> that hurts.
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my friend lisa here says have a great monday. see you on the next "right this
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